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ATM Cash Machines

NH-1800 Series ATM        We service all ATM makes and models      NH-5000 CE Series

4 Types of Processing Options

Option 1

• Merchant owns the ATM and loads the cash
• Merchant keeps 100% of the surcharge no matter what the surcharge!!!

Option 2

• Merchant owns the ATM and A BUSINESS STORE loads the cash

Option 3

• A BUSINESS STORE owns the ATM and A BUSINESS STORE loads the cash

Option 4

• A BUSINESS STORE owns the ATM and Merchant loads the cash

A BUSINESS STORE has the best ATM Solutions

Daily Management of your ATM

Our experts manage all ATM in our network to optimize the benefits of our clients. A BUSINESS STORE uses specialized software to proactively manage each ATM. With this remarkable software, we are able to monitor every ATM in every state, throughout the country.

At A BUSINESS STORE we have a track record of customer service and satisfaction. We are known for better revenue streams, ATM performance, and reporting of your ATM's transactions.

We service all needs concerning ATMs from purchasing or leasing a machine, to installing it and processing the transactions.

A BUSINESS STORE provides all services including purchasing, leasing, installing, and processing.

Give us a call today and we will talk with you to determine what your needs are and find the right solution. We will then assist you in getting set up with a new ATM and credit card machine at your location!

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