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ProcessNow - Register & Mobile Solution

ProcessNow, powered by TransFirst® is a solution that can help businesses grow and succeed by using tablet and app-based solutions to accept payments, manage time and inventory, creat reports and more.

Full-Size or Mini-Tablet and Stand

Strong, lightweight, stylish — choose your color and slide in your tablet. Use anywhere in your business, alone or with cash drawer and other components. 

Full sized Tablet and Stand for ProcessNow Register pictured below:
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Color Choices: Tablet Stand & Cash Drawer


Cash Drawer

You’ve never seen a cash drawer like WindFall™ before! Easy to assemble, it takes up only the counter space of a piece of letter-sized paper, with uncluttered clean lines and a simple design. Heavy-duty construction stands up to bumps and bangs of crazy-busy days. Set it (cable lock included) or mount it on the counter and your tablet attaches on top — it even swivels. Or mount the drawer under the counter to save more space. The cash drawer opens with a single touch on your ProcessNow app. (There’s a key-lock override, but you probably won’t need it.) Inside, a new till layout makes it easier to handle the money. And don’t forget the matching penny tray!

Receipt Printer

Star Micronics Bluetooth®-connected printer sits on your counter or mount underneath (equipment included with cash drawer) to reduce clutter. Print at high speeds (300mm/sec).

Barcode Scanner

Speedy sales, speedy inventory control and no hand-keying! The Socket 7CI wireless handheld barcode scanner is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, with up to 19 hours of scanning on one charge. Long-range Bluetooth connection works more than 300 feet from your tablet, and can scan codes from 20 inches away. Weighs less than a smartphone — put it in your pocket or wear it on your belt for convenient access in your store.


Mobile Swiper

Plug. Swipe. Transaction complete. With the Rambler 2.0 or 3.0 mobile swiper and ProcessNow app, accepting credit card payments is that simple. The mobile swiper plugs into your tablet’s audio jack and you're ready to go.

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