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Retail POS Terminals

Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals are the workhorse of traditional, Face-to-Face credit card processing in the retail environment. A BUSINESS STORE offers a full selection of State-of-the-Art, fully-equipped, PCI-compliant POS terminals that simplify the authorization, settlement and management of card-based transactions. All of our Retail terminals come EMV enabled allowing Smart Cards to process Credit and Debit Cards. The benefits of smart cards are directly related to the volume of information and applications that are programmed for use on a card. A single smart card can be programmed with multiple banking credentials, medical entitlement, driver’s license/public transport entitlement, loyalty programs and club memberships to name just a few. Multi-factor and proximity authentication can and has been embedded into smart cards to increase the security of all services on the card.

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Verifone Vx 520 Terminal and Vx 805 Debit Pin Pad

Wireless Terminals

Wireless credit card processing opens merchants up to accepting payment wherever they do business. If you sell (or want to) at outdoor venues, sporting events, kiosks, food carts, open markets or any location where traditional connectivity is a problem, wireless has got you covered. Besides helping to increase sales by giving you access to new customers, wireless is flexible, reduces operating expenses and saves time. All of A BUSINESS STORE'S Wireless terminals come EMV enabled allowing Smart Cards for safer transactions.

Verifone Vx 680 Wireless Credit Card Terminal 

ProcessNow Mobile

Plug. Swipe. Transaction complete. With the Rambler 2.0 or 3.0 mobile swiper and ProcessNow app, accepting credit card payments is that simple. The mobile swiper plugs into your tablet’s audio jack and you're ready to go.

ProcessNow Mobile turns Tablets and Smart Phones into Credit Card Terminals

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